To be called an Artist, to say my profession is an Artist, to feel as if I can hold the title 'Artist 'is a challenge for me. I see Artists creating magnificient works of art. Express their emotions, struggles and strengths through their medium of choice. I see Artists as exposed souls reaching out to others for awareness of their inner being, or create because they can. I, on the contrary am closed and mildly reclusive. I only create when I'm content or happy. I stay away from the studio when I'm sad or mad for fear of wrecking havioc that cannot be undone.

I had a hard time playing pictionary as a child, I always loved art and artists alike, but never could match my outfit for the day let alone draw a stick figure with in 60 seconds. My clothes looked more like a costume because it wasn't just jeans and a t-shirt. My mood reflected what my atire was from day to day, anything from black on black with black make-up, to bright pink with ruffles and bows. It never occured to me that I was expressing my artistic uniqueness. I never understood how you could be goth every single day, or the polo golfer, or the suited up business woman.

Mainstream has never been My stream, in Las Vegas there's people everywhere walking five across in the same direction as far as the eye can see. I would quickly weave through them, or slow up my pace for others to pass me. I've never been able to follow the mundaine as if to be a drone.

I enjoy teaching others my art emensely. To see students from extreme short attentions of the little stumblies to the relaxed wisdom of the well seasoned when they come to class they will walk away with knowledge I speak or demonstrate. I feel honored when people want to learn from me. Almost like why do you want to learn from me? What do I have to offer and what can I show you and am I capable of teaching you retainable information? As I ask myself these questions and more, my mind spins for the best approaches, projects which could be completed in the alloted time frame. As a perfectionist I've learned more from my students than they've learned from me. Some are completly ok with a mediocre piece of art, when others try and try to make it their best.

Time is the best friend nemesis. There's not a better coach nor a worse enemy than a deadline creaping upon you and working through several nights is your only answer.